Our friend and SPL user Alberto Caltanella has released a new album called “Wind Bells,“ available as a CD + book version. The guitarist and “flatpicking“ specialist has been using SPL gear for a long time and is especially fond of our GoldMike Mk2, which he, once again, used to record his new album.

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Creon: Great sound, intuitive handling, flexible connection options, clever concept!

One year ago, our Crimson USB interface and monitor controller was put to the test in German magazine Soundcheck. The time has come for its smaller sibling, the SPL Creon, to prove its worth in the current issue (12/15). Just like the Crimson, the Creon's sound and concept passed with flying colors.

"Creon combines modern technology and a traditional feel."

The fact that you can actually use real hardware knobs and buttons instead of virtual ones is one of the Creon's main advantages, in the opinion of Soundcheck reviewer Gerrit Hoß.

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Claudius was on the look for a new USB interface and he found it!

What did he choose? The SPL Creon!

Here are a couple of excerpts from his review in gearnews.de:

"Since the manufacturer of my former USB interface unfortunately hasn't been able to release drivers for Mac 10.11 or Windows 10, I had to look for a new interface.

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We recently shot a video for proaudio.tv introducing our brand new Phonitor 2 Expansion Rack.

The Phonitor 2 has lots of features that can be used both for mastering and monitor controlling (phase inverter, L/R, solo L/R, mono, mute). And that's why we went a step further and developed the 19" rack mount kit for the Phonitor 2. However, since most studios have not only 19" racks, but also several pairs of loudspeakers, we built in a four-way passive switch that expands the Phonitor 2 with three additional speaker outputs.

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"German manufacturer SPL has just raised the bar when it comes to mastering compressors."

German periodical Studio Magazin has just put out the first-ever review of our IRON Mastering compressor. In the current issue (09/2015), Fritz Fey and Friedemann Kootz decided to put the IRON to the test and write a comprehensive review. Below you can find some of their impressions, but the full review (in German) is certainly worth a read (you can download it from our server). Right from the very first words you can tell how everything is going to unfold:

"A conceptual masterpiece conceived by SPL Chief Developer and company owner Wolfgang Neumann."

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