You can find an extensive review about our Monitor Controllers Volume 8 and and SMC 7.1 on Kalman Rubinson tested and compared the devices:

It's no secret that there are very few analog control options—for volume and input selection, primarily—for multichannel, but that doesn't mean there are none.”

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“With the innovative tube compressor Iron, SPL already made a much-noticed statement concerning Mastering outboard devices. Now the PQ comes along as the matching equalizer. This device is an impressive proof that, even today, cleverly developed analog technology can play a leading role.”

“The power, transparency and flexibility of the PQ are truly worthy to the so-called king of the parametric equalizers.”

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What else do you really need in life to be happy other than a microphone and a skateboard? Maybe an SPL Crimson 3? ;-)

At Sonicscoop you now got the possibilty - matching the video ‘Foundation’ by Stephano Petroccca - to win a ‘Mobile Recording Package’!

Included in the ‘Mobile Recording Package’ 5-piece bundle are:

1. SPL Crimson 3 Audio Interface & Analog Monitoring

2. Lauten Audio LA 220 FET Condenser

3. LA 320 Tube Condenser.

4. Focal Spirit Pro Headphones 

5. Pop Audio Pop Filter


If you want to join in the contest, you only have to fill out a form.

Participating is open to residents of North America only.

The contest ends January 28, 2018.

Find further information as well as the Official Rules & Terms at

Good luck!

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Just in time for the Christmas season, you will have the chance to get a great SPL gift.

This year it is all about our channel strips Track One, Channel One and Frontliner.

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With the Crimson … SPL developed a device, which practically meets all the needs of a recording studio within one single unit. Constantly updating and revising their products, SPL launched the 3rd version of the Crimson Monitor Controller this year and we have put the unit to the acid test.”

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I can foresee situations where having a headphone module in the rack makes a lot of sense, and SPL have addressed this potential requirement with their new HPm.” - Hugh Robjohns (SOS magazine)

Sound on Sound magazine (UK) did a review about our Headphone Monitoring Amplifier 500 Series module SPL HPm:

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Never-ending winning ;-)

Two weeks ago we raffled off a Crimson 3 at SAE Alumni Convention.

This time gives you the possibility to win a Crimson 3!

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Black is the new black!

We are currently offering the SPL IRON Mastering Compressor in an “All Black” edition.

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Test the IRON Mastering Compressor and the PQ Mastering Equalizer at Mastering Academy's Gearslutz Weekend!

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We are very honored that the SPL HPm 500 series module and the SPL PQ Mastering Equalizer are nominated for ‘Outstanding Technical Achievement’ in the categories ‘Amplification Hardware/Studio & Sound Reinforcement’ and ‘Signal Processing Hardware’ at the 33rd Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards.

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