Crimson combines an audio interface with high-quality preamps and a full-fledged monitor controller. You can play back, record, convert, control, and listen to your audio with one single device. The Crimson and a DAW – that's all you need to start making professional recordings. But that is by no means everything:

The SPL Crimson combines several functions in one unit: Two discrete mic preamps, two instrument preamps, six recording and six playback channels, 10 source connections, 20 monitoring channels, two separate headphone amps, and an individual artist monitoring signal, with talkback option, just to name a few.

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Our Phonitor series keeps on getting rave reviews everywhere. This time it was the Phonitor mini that got the accolades from a reviewer at Head-Fi.

“The soundstage is a big highlight of the amp. It's open, airy, and very much a more 3D experience...”

“Bass is deep and powerful, but not bloated or overblown.”

“The midrange is...very resolving with excellent detail and no emphasis on any given frequency.”

“Transparency in the treble is top notch and the general feeling of the treble is it's crisp without harshness.”

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