In the 01/16 issue of German Professional Audio magazine you can find a detailed review of our Creon USB interface and monitor controller.

Among other things, the author discusses "why the differences between the sound of the Creon and similar products doesn't have to do with the features, but rather with the details."

But, does it sound any good? You betcha!

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"The SPL Creon is an awesome all-in-one solution for anybody who appreciates simplicity."

"Less fiddling around and more music making!"

In the current issue (12/15) of German magazine Sound & Recording you can read a review of the SPL Creon USB audio interface and monitor controller. Dr. Andreas Hau tested it inside and out and awarded the Creon the best mark in terms of finish, looks, sound, and operation:

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“Creon combines a professional audio Interface with a monitor controller in one single unit. It's easy to tell that the guys at SPL who conceived the unit have a good practical know-how.“

“The SPL Creon can quickly become the centerpiece of any software-based studio. Highly recommended!“

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"With the IRON, SPL has just raised the bar when it comes to tube compression, making a clear statement on high-end sound and versatility."

In the current issue of German mag Professional Audio (12/15) you can find one of the first reviews of our IRON mastering compressor. Georg Berger decided to pump some IRON and put one of our newest babies to the test. He seems to have really dug our "gentle dynamics giant," which impressed him quite a bit:

"A bright new star has appeared in the boutique compressor firmament."

"Apart from the technological innovations, the IRON is built to the highest standards, using high-grade components, some of which have been exclusively developed or modified by SPL."

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We will start our Car Vitalizer - X-Mas Countdown 2015 on 12/7/2015.

You can test the App for three days for free. If you like the Car Vitalizer you can buy it after three days of testing via In App Purchase.

In the period from 7 -24 December we will offer a discount.

$3.99 instead of $27.99!

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In the current issue (1/16) of German Recording Magazin you can read a review of our brand new USB interface and monitor controller — the SPL Creon.

Chief Editor, Moritz Hillmayer, was quite impressed by it:

"...a great device with purposeful, high-quality features and a fair price tag...“

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