We will give away one SPL TDx as well as one SPL DeS 500 series module!

Take a photo of a 500 series lunchbox/rack and post the pic with the hashtag #SPL500 on Instagram.

Among all posts, we will raffle off one SPL TDx and one SPL DeS 500 series module.

There are no borders set to your creativity ;)

The raffle will continue until March 14th, 2016, 13:00 CET



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The SPL Crimson audio interface and analog monitor controller is now available in a new revised version 2 to satisfy the wishes of the Crimson users. 

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Nikolai Kaeßmann of Musikerplus visited the legendary Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum and talked extensively to Chief Sound Engineer Ronald Prent and Darcy Proper (Mastering Engineer and three-time Grammy winner) and asked the experts about their opinion on mixing and mastering as well as their favorite gear.

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High-quality feel and the perfect sound of the unit meet the useful features of the Headphone-Amp Modul...“


In the 02/16 issue of German Recording Magazin you can find a short review of our SPL Expansion Rack.

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We´ve got some good news!

We have updated our SPL Bit-Accurate Driver.

It now harmonizes perfectly with the latest version of Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

All inputs and outputs are available when it comes to bit-accurate recording and playback with high sample rates (176.4kHz/192kHz ).

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“...nothing else out there really sounds like it“

In the current issue (1/16) of Recording Magazine you can find a review

of our SPL IRON mastering compressor.

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