Review featuring audio files and video!

Just like we keep working hard on new products, Bonedo is just as busy testing all our product novelties.

This time around: our PQ Mastering Equalizer!

As usual for Bonedo, the review features some audio files and even a video!

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We have updated our SPL Bit-Accurate Driver.

It now harmonizes perfectly with the latest version of macOS 10.12 Sierra.

All inputs and outputs are available when it comes to bit-accurate recording and playback with high sample rates (176.4kHz/192kHz ).

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Felix Klostermann of Bonedo did a detailed review about our USB Interface and Monitor Controller Creon.

We have composed a few excerpts for you:

The SPL Creon does a perfect job and offers lots of comfort and high sound quality.”

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Win an SPL HPm Headphone Monitoring Amplifier module with Phonitor Matrix

Between the 3rd and the 30th of November 2016 you get the opportunity to take part in the competition. All @proaudioen Twitter followers automatically participate in the competition, when they sign up for participation.

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The Metropolis Mastering Studios in London did a short video which features Mastering Engineer Tony Cousins and his appreciation for our SPL 120V Rail Headphone Monitoring Amplifier Phonitor 2.

It's an extremely valuable tool, which I would wholeheartedly recommend.”

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Paul Tingen of Sound On Sound (SOS) magazine visited four-times Grammy Award winner David Reitzas to talk about the making of Barbra Streisand’s latest hit album and the unique philosophy of the hit?making producer and engineer.

Irreplaceable and an integral part of Reitzas’ work routine – an incredible amount of SPL equipment:

The outboard I used on the mix of ‘At The Ballet’ included the SPL Vitalizer, the SPL Stereo Q, and the Spatializer Retro on the orchestra. ”

To bring the drums out on other songs I usually put them through the SPL Transient Designer. I print the stems one by one back into the same Pro Tools session, going through my SPL Passeq EQ and my SPL Iron Compressor. Every stem goes through that chain.”

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