German portal for musicians Bondeo ( decided to give our Phonitor mini a test drive.

The result: Five stars out of...five!

Felix Klostermann compared the Phonitor mini directly to other headphone amps and he seems to have come to the conclusion that it plays in a league of its own:

"The SPL (Phonitor mini) masters perfectly the fine balance between too much high end and not-too-sharp highs."

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Our Phonitor 2 seems to be rapidly making its way into becoming a household name in the high-end Hi-Fi world. The ever-growing interest is also evident in the increasing number of reviews from specialized magazines.

For instance, Torsten Pless of German "Audio Test" magazine recently reviewed the Phonitor 2 in the 07/2015 issue.

Our beloved headphone amp got the "Outstanding (94/100)" mark.

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German Soundcheck magazine just turned 30 this year, almost the same time we've been in the audio industry, a very good reason to celebrate. Coincidentally, one of our new products was reviewed by Florian Zapf in their latest issue (11/14) and, what do you know, he had only kind words for our SPL Crimson:

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People often ask us if they can connect balanced headphones to the Phonitor2. The answer is yes.

To that end, you can use the outputs on the rear panel of the Phonitor2.

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