Creon review from Xound Magazine

In the current edition of Xound Magazine (11/15) you can find the very first review of the brand new SPL Creon USB Interface and monitor controller. SPOILER ALERT: They loved it!

The reviewer, Hagü Schmitz, liked above all the Creon's quality build, sound, handling and convincing value for money:

"When you start working with the Creon, you immediately notice that the control elements feel quite pleasant, which speaks volumes of the unit's build quality."

"The buttons light up when in use, so you always have a good overview of the currently active function."

"I have nothing but good things to say about the sound quality of the analog input section. The sound of the preamps is very convincing for a unit in this price point, regardless of whether its the mic, line or instrument input you use. The sound is warm and punchy, while also very open and clear in the higher frequencies."

"The built-in A/D and D/A section does a great job cleanly translating the nice analog sound of the Creon with no audible losses. So you can rest assured that the signals are properly recorded onto your computer."

“The Direct Monitoring feature is extremely useful.“

"All in all, working with the Creon is a lot of fun...It does what it's supposed to do and does it pretty good, like you'd expect of a professional studio setup."

"The combination of a USB Interface and an analog monitor controller is conceptually outstanding. You can use the unit as a small professional studio setup, it sounds great and is quite affordable. You''ll have a very tough time trying to find anything better in its category."

You can read the full review (in German) in the current edition of Xound Magazine (11/15).