Creon in Soundcheck

Creon: Great sound, intuitive handling, flexible connection options, clever concept!

One year ago, our Crimson USB interface and monitor controller was put to the test in German magazine Soundcheck. The time has come for its smaller sibling, the SPL Creon, to prove its worth in the current issue (12/15). Just like the Crimson, the Creon's sound and concept passed with flying colors.

"Creon combines modern technology and a traditional feel."

The fact that you can actually use real hardware knobs and buttons instead of virtual ones is one of the Creon's main advantages, in the opinion of Soundcheck reviewer Gerrit Hoß.

"You can sense the quality manufacturing when you turn the knobs and depress the buttons. In terms of sound, the components used make an excellent impression."

"The easily accessible parameters for input and monitoring are a great advantage, just like the fact that you can use the unit without having to plug it into a computer."

That way "you can use the Creon for everyday practicing, for instance, with an instrument and a playback source" without the need of a computer.

But the Creon also performs outstandingly as an interface between the musicians and a DAW, regardless of whether it's on a PC, Mac or even and iPad or iPhone.

"The recorded tracks sound great both on my computer and iPad, and they can be readily used within a mix."

"The Creon respects the tonal character of the microphones, which speaks volumes of the quality of the converters."

The Creon features the same technology as the Crimson and "provides everything you need for home recording."

"With all its features, the Creon is the ideal solution for musicians working by themselves in front of a computer who need to record instrument tracks into a DAW without losing the analog feel."

The full review (in German) can be read in the current Soundcheck issue (12/15).