Creon in Sound & Recording

"The SPL Creon is an awesome all-in-one solution for anybody who appreciates simplicity."

"Less fiddling around and more music making!"

In the current issue (12/15) of German magazine Sound & Recording you can read a review of the SPL Creon USB audio interface and monitor controller. Dr. Andreas Hau tested it inside and out and awarded the Creon the best mark in terms of finish, looks, sound, and operation:

"The nice-looking mixer housing is made of steel and features a high-quality finish."

"A striking characteristic of the SPL Creon is that it's extremely easy to operate.“

"Under the hood there's nothing but professional-grade technology, which allows the Creon to handle input and output levels of up to +22 dBu. Sweet!"

"All sections ? the USB audio interface, the preamps and the monitor controller ? win you over with their clean, noiseless sound."

"Even from a subjective point of view, its sound is clean and transparent. The mic preamps are extremely noiseless and manage to sound very powerful and open even when pushed to the maximum gain of 60dB. Hats off!"

"Not even with the maximum gain of 31dB does it produce any noise. The bottom is very clear and transparent, so that even the lowest sounds of an e-bass are clearly distinguishable. There is no hum at all."

The Monitor-Mix knob makes it possible to intuitively mix the corresponding signals and listen to them through headphones or speakers.

"The headphone amp sounds extremely good for the price."

"It adds no coloration and the entire unit produces almost no noise at all. The big Volume works very evenly."

To top it off, the thrifty price makes it now possible for desktop studios to enjoy the well-known SPL quality without breaking the bank.

"It's almost impossible to make such a high quality unit for less money, at least in Germany."

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The full review (in German) can be read in the 12/15 issue of Sound & Recording.