Creon in Professional Audio - Let it Sound!

In the 01/16 issue of German Professional Audio magazine you can find a detailed review of our Creon USB interface and monitor controller.

Among other things, the author discusses "why the differences between the sound of the Creon and similar products doesn't have to do with the features, but rather with the details."

But, does it sound any good? You betcha!

"In terms of sound, the Creon is in a different league as anything else that's passed through our hands lately," reminding the author of interfaces that are three to four times as expensive.

"Despite an absolutely flat frequency response and no signs of the slightest coloration," the Creon "has a very seemingly analog, organic, glimmering, and sophisticated character."

"Anybody looking for an interface that doesn't just play back the source material in a dry and slavish way, but also adds some character and liveliness to it might find in the Creon just what he is looking for."

An all-around coherent concept.

"The workflow with the Creon is really comfortable and easy."

"There is simply no need to peek at a software interface on a computer screen all the time."

Yet another highlight:

"The Creon doesn't require a computer to work, it can also be used as a standalone unit."

The combination of a "lively, transient-rich and seemingly analog sound," "very good specs" and a "very good value for money" just goes to show that "there are still differences in the interface market."

Overall rating: Excellent

Price/Performance: Very good

You can read the full review (in German) in the 01/16 issue of Professional audio. Professional audio is not only available in print, there is also an affordable ePaper version for all sorts of mobile devices.