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MUSIKER-BOARD is a German website which claims to be Europe's largest forum for musicians — you know, the kind of weird people who might be interested in a USB interface and monitor controller like the SPL Creon. And it just so happens that one of the forum's members — a lucky musician who goes under the name of Bacchus#777 — received a Creon from us to write a review and share his thoughts with the rest of the gang. Wannna know how it all went? Follow this link and find out (it's in German, though) .

Too long or no German skills? Don't worry we've got you covered! Here's a brief summary... ;-)

"The Creon looks really nice and provides a lot of functionalities."

"There's not much to say about the drivers, other than they work perfectly well."

Bacchus#777 seems to have no doubts about it:

"What can I say? The Creon works and sounds incredibly good."

For more information about the Creon visit