Creon in tools 4 music

Michael Nötges tested our USB Interface and Monitor Controller Creon for the current edition (2-3/16) of tools 4 music. He really appriciates that Creon features the same premium converters and characteristics as the bigger SPL Crimson, only optimized to accommodate for the needs of small home and project studios.

“Creon offers everything you need to create high quality (because of high definition) track-by-track recordings and to control monitoring in small recording scenarios.“

Creon is designed even more compactly than Crimson and has an intuitive handling.“

Besides from that the sound is really convincing.

The preamps and the headphoneamp sound good and deliver a high quality audio signal.“

By the way, the instrument input makes a pretty good impression, just like the mic inputs.“

Special attention is also paid to another feature: the possibility of analog monitoring.

The latency-free monitoring is absolutely convincing. Thanks to the direct signal routing of the Creon, the analog inputs can be monitored latency-free.“

The thrifty price of the Creon makes it now possible for desktop studios to enjoy the well-known SPL quality without breaking the bank.

The upshot:

So, whoever wants to record his or her ideas in a track-by-track way, got everything he or she needs at hand.“

...when it comes to the quality of audio, driver, converters and ease of use, this compact Controller Interface is top notch.“

You can find the complete review in the current edition (2-3/16) of tools 4 music magazine.