Crimson and Creon - Mac Life, edition 06/2016

Our USB interfaces and monitor controller quickly became very popular. Not only you can find them in professional recording studios, but also in living rooms and on desktops of homestudios. That is why Mac Life took a closer look at our products in their current edition (06/2016).

Among other things, you will find a test of our audio interfaces Creon and Crimson. Both units performed very well. Especially the excellent look, the high-quality build and audio quality were praised.

The appearance of these desktop units with their robust metal housings, solid controls and plenty of backlit buttons next to the LEDs do remind of a navigation bridge of a space ship;”


Creon receives a 1.3 rating and Crimson actually an amazingly high 1.1 rating which makes it the Mac Life recommendation of the edition 06/2016.

A perfect choice for ambitious beginner and podcaster as well as thoroughbred producers who don't want to fork out more than 1k but nevertheless desire a high-qualtiy device.”

Our SPL Pro-Fi series also gets a short introduction.

“Pro audio meets Hi-Fi”

If professional audio technology and high-end Hi-Fi electronic enter into marriage, music enthusiasts should pay very good attention. At SPL, this sonic symbiosis is called ‘Professional Fidelity’ - in short ‘Pro-Fi’.”

Creon, Crimson and Director (DA converter and preamplifier with VOLTAiR technology – Pro-Fi series) can all be operated in Apple Class Compliant Mode. There is no need to install further driver in combination with other Apple devices (including iPhone and iPad) which make these units particularly interesting for Apple user.

Yes, you read it right: iPhone and iPad both get out ‘of the Box’ support - yet another purchasing argument for podcasters.”

So all in all a very worthwhile and informative test and review in Mac Life edition 06/2016. You can also purchase Mac Life online as a download -> Mac Life 06/2016