Creon –

Marcus Schlosser of has tested an SPL Crimson USB interface a while ago. He was very satisfied with the outcome, so that he still uses the Crimson to this day at his workplace. Now we are excited to find out how he likes our Creon interface.

This much we can reveal straight away: our Creon is the current editorial recommendation. The unique and very good sound, the intuitive handling and especially the excellent documentation of the unit is praised.

Here you can find a short overview of the review:

Creon, in greek mythology Kreon king of Thebes, etymologically derives from blue blood – this heritage applied to this heavy 2.5kg full metal housing All-in-Wonder-Interface means: this might be the new ruler of desktop-audio producers.”

With Creon SPL offers a state-of-the-art USB interface. Even the extremely convincing sound is overtrumped by the outstanding workflow. The feature-set is a special recommendation for everyone who wants to record a maximum of two tracks simultaneously! These two tracks will make their way to the hard disk in an unique and  high-quality fashion.”

Creon is a two-channel USB 2.0 audio interface plus high-quality preamp and converter with monitor controller operation, which also allows you to use it as a stand-alone device.”

Stand-alone means: not connected to a computer. I can send music material to my speakers or headphones that are placed in e.g. the living room or the office, to jam or practice, thanks to two inputs (trs jack or RCA) inputs on the rear of the unit – Everything in the well established high quality of SPL.”

Every podcaster, singer, voice-over artist, or home recording artist, who is mainly targeting on recording a maximum of two tracks simultaneously, is a potential customer of the Creon. But also musicians that like to practice to playback tracks looking for a centerpiece to do so, get their money's worth.”

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