Creon at Bonedo (review and audio files)

Felix Klostermann of Bonedo did a detailed review about our USB Interface and Monitor Controller Creon.

We have composed a few excerpts for you:

The SPL Creon does a perfect job and offers lots of comfort and high sound quality.”

Operating concept, form factor and feel:

The big control knobs provide a flawless operating.”

The handling of the Creon couldn't be much easier thanks to the various switches and knobs. You can operate fast and logically with the unit, the Monitor Mix can be realized in no tjme.”

Look and build quality are very appealing, so that the daily work with the unit feels good...”

Clean sound:

Soundwise the Creon has no need to hide. Its converters work precisely and in a neutral manner without appearing to sound sterile. The headphone amplifier is strong enough to even cope with power-guzzling headphones...”


Great sounding preamp and converters. Logical operation concept. Outstanding, massive look and feel.”

You will find the complete review (in German) at Bonedo.