Phonitor x at Part-Time Audiophile

You can find an interesting review about the SPL Phonitor x on Part-Time Audiophile. Rafe Arnott tested the device and wrote some lines for the online magazine. Definitely worth reading:

“It is capable of transporting the listener to the recorded moment with transparency, and sonically speaking it was not fatiguing in the least, even after hours-long listening sessions.”

First impression:


“This headphone amp/DAC is very well constructed, with a level of fit, and finish being what one would expect from a multi-thousand-dollar unit.”

“It feels solid, all knobs, and switches move in a very precise, chunky manner that was very pleasing from a tactile standpoint.”

“The Phonitor X can handle five stereo sources with the optional DAC installed, these are balanced XLR, unbalanced RCA, USB, coaxial and optical inputs. It also features SPL’s Voltair 120V-rail technology...”

“It also has the ability to have the volume adjusted with any IR remote control thanks to a “learning” feature.”

“The SPL Phonitor X possesses some very unique technical circuitry options for the discerning listener, and with up to 3.7 watts of output it can even double as a pre-amplifier for power amps or powered monitors.”

“The unique circuit I’m referring to is what SPL calls their Matrix system, and its function is to emulate the time-delayed effect inherent to loudspeaker listening.”

“The VU meters are not only practical, but visually appealing, especially in low-light situations, and can be quite hypnotic to watch while listening. The included operating instructions were clear, and precise.”


“...the SPL Phonitor X was able to consistently inspire me to seek its company, and the singular music-listening experience it provided.”

“It’s a great communicator of emotion, tempo, and musicality regardless of the headphone I paired it with.”

“Matrix provided startling clarity, and ultra-realistic placement of the performers, and audience members.”