Atmos 5.1

Surround Miking System

The first 5.1 Surround Main Miking System

Together the Atmos 5.1 controller and the ASM5 mic array form a reference surround microphone system that can be set-up in a fraction of the time needed to set-up conventional systems.

Being the first dedicated, discrete 5.1 microphone system at all, it proved in many applications such as classic orchestra, studio recordings, live rock/pop concerts and formula1 broadcast recording to deliver the highest quality in coherent and authentic surround sound.

The fully analog Atmos 5.1/ASM5 Surround Microphone System supports any multichannel media like DVD and SACD and it is independent from the encoding process (PCM, DSD, AC3, DTS, SDDS, ISO/MPEG2).