Multichannel Mastering Console

It all started with a visit at Galaxy Studios in 1999. Ronald Prent invited us and presented his idea of a multichannel mastering console...

"I had a clear vision of what I wanted, made a drawing and gave it to those crazy guys at SPL in Germany. Their interpretation of my concept is phenomenal."


The goal of the MMC1 development was to create a stereo and multi-channel console which is superior in audio quality to all known and foreseeable audio formats, whether analog or digital.

The MMC 1 operates in the centre of a mastering environment fulfilling the tasks of speaker management, source connectivity, audio metering, track assignment, master and monitor level setting and automated insert routing of external processors.


Excerpt from an interview by Fernando Curiel in RECORDING Magazine, September 2006 ("Bob Ludwig, the master of mastering shares his thoughts"):

Recording: "What gear do you use and how is it different from the gear that a recording facility might have?"

Bob Ludwig: "The SPL MMC 1 8-channel analog console that I use has electronics that spec out far superior to a recording console that must jam 48 channels into a package that is still somewhat affordable. Plus the heat from pure Class A circuits would probably make a multitrack console like that melt!"