GoldMike Mk2

Dual-Channel Microphone and Instrument Preamplifier

The GoldMike Mk2 is the result of our experience from its successful predecessor and represents an improved and more flexible microphone and instrument preamplifier.


The Hybride Preamplifier

A significant contribution to the success of the predecessor is the hybrid preamplifier concept. It combines transistor and tube preamplifier stages and specifically utilizes their technological and sonic advantages: The efficiency and low noise of a discrete transistor stage is enriched with musical coloration of a tube stage.


Discrete Transistor Preamplifier

In the GoldMike Mk2 the transistor stage is composed of single transistors in a class A design. The circuitry is fully discrete, and each transistor is completely optimized for its specific task. You will not find any IC’s in this preamplifier stage because they cannot be optimized for this specific application to the degree we at SPL aim for. 


Tube Preamplifier

The degree of tube preamplification is no longer the fixed +6dB value of its predecessor. The GoldMike Mk2 sports the selection of three different tube pre-amplifications: +6 dB remains the standard complemented by +12 dB and +18 dB. This allows creative variety with the tube saturation and limiting effects.



We have also added an extra setting to the popular Flair circuitry to give more flexibility to the presence improvement.


Dual-Mono PCB Layout

Because the GoldMike Mk2 is a dual channel preamplifier, its channel separation is of fundamental importance for the stereo image. Therefore the print-board layout is symmetrically mirrored around the power supply in the center from channel 1 to channel 2. This results in an identical signal flow to supporting a naturally balanced stereo image. Additionally the print-board provides extra-large ground areas maximizing the shielding against crosstalk and interference.