Professional Fidelity • Pro–Fi

Our audio devices of the Professional Fidelity series have their roots in professional studio technology and they are optimized for high-fidelity music playback.

In the professional studio world, mastering studios demand the highest audio performance, because this is where music productions get their final touches – with SPL 120V rail technology. 

The Pro-Fi series devices operate with the same 120V rail technology to let you experience your music at the same level as the mastering engineer.

Mastering Grade Listening

Experience music like the mastering engineer

Multiple Grammy Award winning mastering icon Bob Ludwig with his SPL MMC 1 mastering console.

Radiohead • U2 • Bruce Springsteen • David Bowie • Rolling Stones • Dire Straits • Queen • Eric Clapton • John Mayer • etc.

Grammy Award winner Darcy Proper with her SPL MMC 1 mastering console.

Marcus Miller • Duke Ellington • Johnny Cash • Kansas • Stevie Ray Vaughn • Milow • Destiny's Child • Steely Dan • Dave Brubeck • etc.

Howie Weinberg with his SPL DMC mastering console.

Nirvana • Red Hot Chili Peppers • Beastie Boys • Davie Lee Roth • Herbie Hancock • LL Cool J • Smashing Pumpkins • Prince • The Cure • etc.

British mastering legend Simon Heyworth with his SPL MMC 1 mastering console.

George Harrison • Simple Minds • Brian Eno • Nick Cave • King Crimson • Depeche Mode • Thomas Dolby • etc.