Car Vitalizer App

Car Sound Tuning at its best

For many of us, the car is one of the last retreats where we can still listen to music or audio books undisturbed. So car stereos that aren't optimally adapted to the in-car acoustic environment are real kill-joys.

SPL is a professional audio manufacturer creating sought-for technology for the world's most famous music production facilities. Now we have ported our patented sound enhancing technologies to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in the form of the new Car Vitalizer® App — finally professional sound enhancing available to all car owners. No screwing, no further hardware, no expertise required.


All car stereos get better. Much better.

We know ourselves from every-day experience: while standard car stereos always show flaws, even high-quality car audio systems rarely tap their full potential. That was enough to develop a user-friendly app that combines playback and sound adjustment seamlessly. And makes virtually every car stereo much better. Especially car audio tuning enthusiasts will be amazed at the huge potential that they can still realize.


Two levels of sound enhancement

While the player accesses iTunes directly, the sound enhancing engine is separated in two parts: "Driver's Position" and "Vitalizer."


Driver's Position

The position of the driver is entered in the input screen once. Now the app determines the optimal playback times for the individual speakers so that the driver is always in the "sweet spot."
Usually, the balance between speakers is adjusted by modifying the channel's signal level or volume. However, acoustically speaking, only time corrections are appropriate – signals arriving first are always heard first, even if later signals are made louder.


How the Vitalizer brings your music to life

For its part, the Vitalizer makes the driver experience sound in its full dimension: three very simple slide controls affect the sound characteristics, the low frequency intensity and the stereo image.

True Loudness®
Improves lows, vocal quality and high frequencies alike. Hence, vocals are more distinguishable and sound much more faithful to the actual recording.

Virtual Subwoofer
Makes really low frequencies audible and in many cases replaces an additional subwoofer. If a subwoofer is already available, it will finally be adequately put to use.

Big Stage
Directly influences the stereo width and makes music sound larger to provide a concert hall or stadium-like experience.


As easy as a music player

We have put special attention on a self-explaining, easy-to-use app which requires no technical or musical background. Once a setting is found, either for musical genres or different cars, you simply store it. Then, just press PLAY.


No risk: test-drive for three days

We are sure that the Car Vitalizer offers a uniquely cost-effective and easy way to optimize your car sound significantly. Try and test-drive for full three days, then decide yourself if anything comes even close to that level of sound improvement – with that ease of us, at that favorable price.
If you love what the CarVitalizer does to your music and audio books, simply buy it via in-app purchase after the test-drive period.


We'd love to hear from you

We love the Car Vitalizer and we'd love to hear from you to make it even better: